New Public Landscape/Matter Space Structure, Fall 2020

Asadullah Shafai

The architecture of nothingness:

The focus in this very first part of this chapter has been to explore the negative space of some quarter blocks within the same morphology and try to detect if any of these negative spaces would look like the late eighteenth centuries grid structured quarter blocks from Vasastan.

Common between all these quarter blocks is that its negative spaces (embodied nothingness) are all by-products (by-spaces) which means when the buildings in the sites are build whatever areas that are left are set to be these embodied nothingnesses which often happens to be the courtyards and the public spaces.

The next part of this chapter focuses on doing the reverse design in some of the scanned sites. It means the (embodied) nothingness is designed adapted to the situation on the site, then whatever spaces are left get to be the buildings.

Quarter designed beyond the embodied nothingness, Västra Frölunda
Quarter designed beyond the embodied nothingness, Västra Eriksberg