New Public Landscape/Matter Space Structure, Fall 2020

Axel Christensen

re-imagining historical landmarks

Early on I wondered whether Gothenburg’s identity could be captured in some way. The transition from Sweden’s big industry centre with a “goa gubbar mentality” to a modern, vibrant metropolis is very clear on many different places in the city. To create a successful transition it is important to analyze the history and the present. On this matter it is very clear that Gothenburg is in the middle of a deep identity crisis. This investigation aims to enlighten this issue and explore an alternative way of exploring the historical Gothenburg.

I realized that many buildings typical for Gothenburg were important elements of the city’s skyline, and these buildings were in many cases also a landmark. This turned out to be my focus of my design research.


  1. Introduction
  2. The library
  3. The layers
  4. The jubilee

Map over the topography and landmarks of southern Gothenburg

The landmarks of Gothenburg skyline