Building and Tectonics Master´s Thesis 2021

Beata Lindqvist

As a child, growing up in the coastal town of Varberg, I have always been surrounded by water. The sea has been a natural element for swimming, complementation, and play. The sport swimming started to establish itself in Varberg in 1920 where the harbor basin was used as the arena for practice and competition. The old quarry ‘Stenbrottet’ became a starting point and location for the new outdoor swimming facility.

Today, the facilities that once were new, are old and worn out. The aim of the thesis is to design new facilities that can withstand the test of time and frame the beauty of the site while keeping the structure for the actual outdoor swimming basins.

Architects have a responsibility and play
a great role in contributing to a sustainable built environment. Striving for handling construction, material, and building components with a high degree of feasibility and precision, as this master thesis direction underlines, is of high importance.

How can facilities be designed such that they withstand the test of time and resist the tear of salt water, wind and sun?

The dramatic landscape requires careful consideration in how to approach it with built structures. Due to the exposed location, building configurations that create spaces where one can shield from the wind or enjoy the sun and simultaneously frame the beauty of the site is of high importance. How can I design and create architecture that respects and puts emphasis on the surrounding landscape?

The project aims to use the possibilities of the site and be challenged by the existing structures, to create space through construction, spatial configuration, light and materiality that will enhance the new swimming facility.

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