Building Design for Sustainability Master´s Thesis 2020

Bonan Yang

Plans for different building conditions
Sunhours and wind situation of different orientations
Suitable plants for different orientations
– Suitable greening methods and plants for different facade materials
– Suitable greenery height for different facad levels
– Suitable greenery types and plants for different wall situations
– Different greenery patterns of living wall planter on balconies
– Hanging plants and flowers on balconies
– Need of maintenance, suitable greenery types and plants for different facades
– Suitable greenery solutions for different building surroundings

Utilization of recycle materials
– Utilization of recycled materials for the supporting system of the vertical greenery
– Recycled steel for load-bearing part and planter
– Recycled rope and net for climbing-aid

Irrigation system and rain recycle
– The main parts of an automatic irrigation system for greenery projects

The following items are some strategies which could help develop sustainable irrigation system and help to save water, save power, and be suitable for plant-growth:

1. Saving water
–Collecting rain water on the roof and using this recycled rain water for irrigation could help to save water; Using drip as the irrigation kit is also a good way to avoid water waste; Using sensors and controller equipment to find the right time and amount for irrigation, which can also make full use of water
2. Saving power
–Normally, the pump need a lot of power to send the water to plants. A system which only use the gravity of water instead of the pump could help to save much power
3. Suitable irrigation in right time and amount
–Using sensors to mornitor the weather temperature, the soil moisture, and if it rains or not, and giving feedback to the controller. This could help system to find the right time and amount of irrigation

– Sustainable irrigation system with recycled rain water and automatic controller

Living wall planter module

Compared with the conventional living wall planter system, this new living wall planter module system is smaller and more flexible. It can be installed and replaced more easily, which will bring more benefits to the maintenance of both the greenery system and the building.

– The process of adding living wall planter module system on building facades