Design for Architectural Heritage Master´s Thesis 2020

Ebba Johansson


– an interpretation of the qualities found in Hedared and Hedared Stave Church, translated into a design of a non-religious venue building

The role of the church will change in the future and as it today is more than 30% of the Swedish population that belongs to a religion other than Christianity or no religion at all, a need arises for a new kind of room. Is it then possible to experience the same emotions in a non-religious room as you do in a church? Is it the religious connection or the design of the room that generates these emotions? 

Hedared possesses the only preserved medieval stave church in Sweden and are frequently visited because of that. The small size of the church however prevents it from having larger ceremonies like weddings and funerals. 

The purpose of this thesis is therefore to design a new venue building to Hedared Stave Church in relation to the increasing secularized society and future need of the church. With the methods of analyzing, investigating and interpreting how and why the church brings out the emotions it does and then transforming them into a design, this thesis forms a non-religious building with the same emotional qualities as the church, implemented in architecture of our own time. A design for everyone to experience in their own way and reason, religious or not.

How can a new venue building to Hedared Stave Church add value to the church and enhance the identity of Hedared?

What qualities are found in Hedared and Hedared Stave Church and how are they perceived and interpreted?

How can the perceived qualities found in Hedared and Hedared Stave Church be translated to a building that is not to be religious?

1. Introduction 2. Site 3. Proposal 4. Drawings