Architecture is matter formed into space. The studio course of Matter Space Structure 3 namned Explorations aims to augment skills in architectural design with an understanding of the research by design approach. We put emphasis on an iterative design process driven by physical representations such as model making and drawing and informed by physical and computational experiments. The course aims to create space for open-ended design exploration of an individual topic which is well suited as a preparation for the thesis project. The exploration includes the collection of reference projects and background research, iterative design development of prototypes and development of representation techniques for the topic at hand. The focus in the course will be on the making, with the hands in the matter. Thus an excellent opportunity to sharpen the pencil in terms of representation as well as learning and exploring relevant tools for the research. The aim of the course is to strengthen the theoretical discourse with the concrete act of making and to improve the individual methodology within the research by design approach.

“Celebrating an artistic approach to architectural design.”

ARK258 Exploration – Matter, space, structure 3 – Part of the Matter Space Structure studio – Course Leader: Jens Olsson – Examiner: Daniel Norell – The course is offered by the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering – Part of the Architecture and Urban design master program (MPARC)