Building and Tectonics Master´s Thesis 2021

Fabian David Reppen & Samuel Vilson

Nobel Center, Stadsgårdskajen
An exploration of the spatial and expressive identity of the Nobel Prize in the form of a public building

The Nobel Prize has, since its birth in the beginning of last century, grown to become a vital part of our culture, not only in Sweden, but also in the world. On the one hand it awards those who “has conferred the greatest benefit of mankind”, and on the other hand it spreads new knowledge to the society. Its vision is to work for the good of humanity. As the subject areas of The Nobel Prize offer a wide range of perspectives, a Nobel Center has the potential in bridging gaps between different disciplines.

Plans on a Nobel Center in Stockholm, a building dedicated to the spirit and whole idea of the Nobel Prize, has been existing ever since the Nobel Prize was founded in the year of 1900. In 2013 a competition was launched for a Nobel Center at Blasieholmen, however in 2018 the far developed work on a Nobel Center at Blasieholmen was appealed and cancelled. In February 2020 it was announced that the new site for the Nobel Center was to be Stadsgårdskajen, Slussen, in Stockholm.

The aim of this master thesis is to explore the spatial and expressive identity of the Nobel Prize in the form of a public building set in an urban context in Stockholm. The Nobel Prize is of both local and global concern. How a future Nobel Center communicates its identity to its local context that is Stockholm as well as its global context that is Sweden and the rest of the world, is crucial.

Within the frames of this master thesis we aim to deepen our understanding of how a materialization of a public building can be made based on the spirit and purpose of that specific institution. Furthermore our aim is to study how a public building being of both local and global concern can be materialized in way that communicates its identity and purpose to both its local inhabitants as well as foreign visitors.