Out of Context / Matter Space Structure

Greta Faxberg


My work is about creating a social room in the city – free from commodification and stress. My goal was to create a space that made people feel at home. I worked with an underground site – below Gustav Adolfs torg – and I combined a place in the city that I found to be hostile, with the plan of my own home. I also worked with rituals connected to the home, and some tokens from my apartment.



[ poh-shey ] / poʊ’∫℮İ / noun. the walls, columns, and other solids of a building or the like, as indicated on an architectural plan, usually in black.

”Poché projects in general can be roughly divided into two groups- solid poche, and void poche. Void poche has two other sub groups- the inaccessible void poche and the accessible, or programmed void poche […]. Frank Gehrys Walt Disney concert hall is an example of a thick, but uninhabited poche space. The poche space is completely hidden, inside and outside exist almost independently from each other.”


Section of the poché space underneath Gustav Adolfs torg.


The Modern Parlor

What is a home? Today, part of it is to showcase your personality through the things that you have. Some things are put on display, like in a museum they are there for visual purposes – you can watch them, but you must not touch them.

In my work I connected this to the old fashioned parlor – a room that was only used on very special occasions such as a confirmation or at Christmas. This room was mainly empty and locked most of the year. A cold and uninhabited room, empty, while life was going on elsewhere in the house.


My belongings inhabiting the poché space.


I applied the idea of the parlor to an urban context – which part of the city is a representational room that should be the most visited place in town, but that is mainly empty? Which city room is used only by guests – tourists – but not by the inhabitants of the city of Gothenburg? I chose Gustav Adolfs Torg as my Urban Parlor and tried to explore what that could mean.

The second site I worked with in my final design proposal was my own apartment plan. Combined, they created the room for the final project.


Plan of the poché space & its relation to its surroundings