Building and Tectonics Master´s Thesis 2020

Hannah Delvert

This master thesis investigates types of construction in relation to spatial experience. The two methods investigated are the solid and filigree construction method. In the book ”Constructing Architecture”  Deplaze (2013) describes that all following forms of construction derives from the two construction archetypes – solid and filigree construction. These archetypes offer different and contrasting spatial qualities that affect how to construct space. The purpose is to design a library with the two construction methods separated on two floors in order to compare them and understand how they affect spatial experience. One of the main issues for this project is how to work with these contrasts into one coherent building. Another question worked with is if these construction methods could add value and answer to the different needs of a library.

This is a research by design project conducted on iterations of drawings, physical models and visualizations. Studies of built references are used in order to understand the execution of construction and literature studies are made to understand the theoretical concepts of spatial experience. 

The result is a proposal for a library in the city centre of Gothenburg that sets light on different types of construction and the effect construction has on the experience of a building. The different functions of the library make use of the two construction methods. The filigree construction creates prominent reading spaces on the second floor and the solid construction makes enclosed spaces possible and creates inbuilt functions such as bookshelves on the first floor. The contrast between the solid and filigree construction enhances one another. The first floor becomes more heavy and enclosed in relation to the second floor and the experience of the big and open space on the second floor becomes a relief after moving through the solid brick space. One could say that their spatial qualities become more clear and tangible when experienced together. 


Hannah Delvert
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