Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Joar Hansson

A design exploration of digitally created craft qualities

This project is an exploration of methods for developing textures, together with a set of materials, using digital methods for design and manufacturing. Digital textures are created by transforming and interpreting different inputs, and utilizing CNC-milling to translate these digital textures into physical form. The goal of the explorations has been to create tactile textures, with irregularites and imperfections, reminiscent of works of traditional craft.

The process has been open-ended and discovery-oriented, working without any specific foregone conclusions, but rather seeing where each experiment ends up by trying out different methods.

The project is divided in three parts, shown on pages 2-4, where in each part a separate input and method was used for developing textures.

1. Introduction

2. Pattern relief

3. “Carved” textures

4. Image sampling