Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

Johanna Asplund

Early model study of a shell that is a  representation of the secret room. It was later translated to the "nest" in the birth room. 

© Johanna Asplund, 2021
Thesis question

How can one use secret rooms to re-program space?

How can the secret room or space be used and manifested in a contemporary context?

This thesis will discuss contemporary secrets rooms and their relation to power. The secret room is investigated as a tool for change and empowerment in the context of a birth center. I invite the reader on a speculative journey where the main concept of the new narrative is shifting power structures from institutionalized patient to empowerment and owning your own story. 

»The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house«

– Audre Lorde

My interpretation of the quote by Lorde is that real change can never be achieved within the existing power structures. By changing the context, and creating a space with a new set of norms, a different narrative is initiated.

Johanna Asplund