Building and Tectonics Master´s Thesis 2020

Jonatan Svensson


In the increasingly sedentary existence that has become a reality in the post-industrialized society, places of regular physical activity can play a significant role for the individual and public health. In this thesis, a proposal is given for a building with a focus on physical activity – a swimming facility at Mossens idrottsplats in Johanneberg, Gothenburg.

The thesis focuses on engineered wood as a building material and investigates how it can be used in a building of this type. The thesis explores how a wooden frame can act both architecturally and structurally. The studies are partly performed through 3D-modelled mock-up representations of facade segments. The work has been influenced both by built reference projects as well as by artistic representations of space. The thesis explores the rhythm of the wooden structure and how it can be used both architecturally in the facade expression of the building and as an organizing element of the interior design.

The plot is a rectangular, flat, gravel covered area that today lacks a clear function. The site is a void in the urban structure, as it can neither be sorted into the category built, green space or nature and it has a lot of potential to be developed. On the sides, the plot is framed by slopes, forest and open space. The surrounding areas are themed around physical activity, through a sports ground with tennis courts and jogging tracks in the forest. The building in the proposal builds on this theme through support functions for the existing facilities and adds a new function in the form of a swimming facility.