Master´s Thesis 2020 Urban Challenges

Josefin Jönsson

Methodology: The process looks at how to investigate the spatial patterns of the sub-culture by validating it through the architectural toolbox of prototyping.

Commodifying Decay

This thesis is concerned with the seemingly vacant, abandoned and disused structures that are facing re-development and re-integration into the city, based solemnly on its current inhabitation of sub-cultures. Fractured in the urban environment, the abandoned structures offer a new outlook on cultural formation and development by becoming a place of socio-cultural spatial testing. A place for strengthening inclusion through acts of immediacy between the sub-culture and the main social groups. It tries to find a methodology to design for sub-culture to improve the status within society by accommodating for them in the design process rather than excluding them.

It tries to answer the question to:

How do we approach design for inclusivity of sub-cultures in adaptive re-use scheme?