Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure

Lisa Hellström


A search for an alternative implementation of the naturum concept with focus on the experience of nature

The thesis is a comment on the contradiction of how a Naturum is a staffed building you enter to experience nature and how this limits the possibility to take part of the exhibitions. The aim is to explore how the Naturum typology can be developed to be both informing and let us experience nature, both observing but also being a part of something.

As the experience of nature is very dependent on the weather, this is used as a tool in the process. Weather is seen as something you are sheltered from or exposed to and it is also used in connection to architectural atmosphere.

The result of the exploration is a design proposal with an exhibition of the Vrångö archipelago, a nature reserve in Gothenburgs southern archipelago, Sweden.

Keywords: Site analysis, experience of nature, architecture, Naturum, atmosphere, weather.