Building Design for Sustainability Master´s Thesis 2021


Towards the industrial reuse process

BY Amilia Björklund & Maja Lindborg


This thesis brings up the importance of making the inventory process interconnected as a precondition to reach industrial reuse. Four different kind of inventories are identified to serve for different purposes and should be followed by each other.

A fragment of the Reuse potential inventory performed
in the thesis to decide whether to reuse the existing roof or not.

An inventory contains a lot of information that can be difficult to get an overview of in its raw format. A reuse report summarising the most important findings from the inventory, including the use of visualisation elements, have proven efficient to keep the different stakeholders in the project informed.

Extract from the Reuse report done for the walls of two preschools.

One of the prerequisites identified to make the reuse process more industrial is the need to connect the information from the inventories. The information needs to be connected in-between the inventories themselves – to save time and work hours – but also connected to further usage in the building project, working in a BIM model. This requires compatibility – a standardised way of logging, organising and storing the data. Read about this in the topic about Information management.