Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

Mats Andersson

Floating Thresholds

A spiraling path of “floating metal grating stepping stones”, a porosious infrastructure. of criss-crossing directions. A path may or may not emerge in the reeds among the stepping stones, a negotiation of who to use in an act relationing between humans and non-humans, body, steps, balance, buoyancy, water, vegetation, fish, birds, insects and other non-humans. The steps act as wave breakers to some degree, changing and making differences of the waves pattern entering this encircled water arena.

”Reed Drones”

Planting medium, (Clay, wooden fibers). Left over wooden form material from the other installations. As the layers of Matryoshka Babushka, a hybrid solution in making porosity by mixing ephemeral with more rigid layers, to by time be incorporated into and adapted into coalitions.