Public Buildings

Jimmy Örtendahl


The urban church integrated in a energetic city environment

The plot is found at a very central place in Gothenburg right next to the Avenue which is the main street of the city. The other buildings in the block consist of the city library, a theater, a park, a multi story hotel and a mix of bars and nightclubs at ground level.

The current parking garage is to be demolished to make room for a new public building that can add a new experience to the neighbourhood and perhaps bring new life to the underused park. A big and open food market with a mixture of cafées and restaurants will create the foundation for the new building. On top of that visitors will find the quiet and calm cathedral environment, with room for studies, reading corners, art exhibitions and of course room for prayers. At the top floor, which is part inside and part outside, visitors will be able to participate in yoga- and mindfulness classes while at the same time having a great view of the city. In the summers visitors can finish their yoga class by going to the rooftop bar located in the south.

The whole structure will be fabricated from bent glulam beams and molded plywood sheets as the main components, leaving lots of space for big window openings to let as much natural light in as possible.

Project site overview
Axonometric aerial view
Jimmy Örtendahl
Perspective on floor 1
Perspective on floor 2
Perspective on floor 3
Long side section
Short side section