Public Buildings

Kaspar von Werther


Stitching together the city

This proposal offers a solution to stitch together the area around Rosenlund channel and the suffering fish market. It supports the existing under developed area the support of a new markethall for locally produced vegetables and other foods, a food court, retail space, a mushroom farm, an indoor eventspace and lecture hall, access to roof-top farming and a temporary covered outdoor market space that can be used for other city events. All this connected with a new walking bridge over the channel, stitching together the two sides of the moat.

The proposal is part renovation/repurpose, part activation and part addition. Tapping into the unique resources that the Rosenlunds channel area have.

This hybrid public building aims to through food heal this key location and help shape a new bridging function in the city fabric, between Rosenlund, Kungshöjd, Pustervik, Haga and Linnéstaden.
Food is a straightforward way to attract different demographic groups of the the population and together they can re-activate Rosenlund.
By a municipality-led center for sustainable produce, supporting local small scale farming, can bring people closer to good produce and help provide the possibility for an overall sustainable lifestyle and help us reach United Nations SDG’s.

The proposal gather its design qualities from one simple timber element, used through-out the whole project.

Design principle from folded CLT frames