Public Buildings

Marlene Kovacs


The Shape of Community

The project “Lorenberg’s” combines an Art gallery and a community Center. The new build Landscape along the whole building provides more greenery in the city, from with the whole neighbourhood can benefit. A look at the temperature and rainfall of Gothenburg lead to the concept that there is a high need for more consumption-free public indoor spaces. The building provides possibilities to do sports, study and get in touch with art in several forms.

The building site “Lorensberg p-Hus” is located at the intersection of two major roads, and surrounded by numerous cultural facilities such as the Lorensberg theatre, the city theatre, the city library, the concert hall and the city museum. The site in the middle of these historic buildings offers the perfect opportunity to give Lorensberg a new identity through an experimental parametric design. 

While crating the form the main focus was to build an interesting landscape on the outside and valuable spaces in the inside. Also important was to extend the Lorensberg park and pull it up along the whole building and to build a connection to the theatre trough an outdoor stage. The volumes which form the whole building don‘t only build a landscape on the outside, they also build the path through the building. So the slopes on the outside continue as ramps in the inside and lead thought the whole building. 

The main focus in terms of program was to create consumption free indoor spaces, from which the neighbourhood can benefit. Like spaces for exploring and working with art, giving everyone a stage to show talents and also build a community. It should create a second living room especially for children and teenagers. The program is arranged in a way that the quieter activities are in the lower part of the building and the noisier activities in the upper part.

The timber construction for the ceilings is based on beams with a thickness of one meter, which run in two directions which builds a grid structure to carry all the building loads. The grid spacing develops from 3 x 3 metres to 6 x 6 metres, therefore the upper levels are disposed to more sunlight and have a lighter appearance. 

The columns are circular arranged and follow the edges of the grid structure. The whole structure builds not only walls, ceilings and ramps due to CNC milling it possible to give each frame an individual shape and creates the shape of the skate park or seating areas or counters. The structure also has the quality of movement, to move out of the building and back in again and thereby create different views to the environment.