New Public Landscape/Matter Space Structure, Fall 2020

Regina Carlén

Situation in Sweden | Today

”Only 14% of girls in upper secondary school reach the recommended level of 60 minutes of physical activity per day…

…Swedish four-year-olds sit still for almost half of their waking time, and only 2 out of 10 young people reach the recommended amount of physical activity of 60 minutes per day.”

– Generation Pep, 2020

Architecture | Physical activity

By looking through the lens of an architect in to the relationship between architecture and physical activity, we can learn about how our built environment either supports or prevents us from being physical active.

You are now welcome to explore this wider expedition through physical activities and architecture together with me.


Mediating details | References

Mediating details | Built reality


”The third study visit went to Nordens Ark where we found some very well appreciated spots for activity. Either you were invited to try if you could drag equally heavy as a tiger, or to see which animal you could jump as far as in long jump or run as far as during a set time period.

This very specific tasks made everyone joining in, probably due to the simplicity and the
innovative comparison to animals.”

– Regina

The user journey | Youth persons

What if we had more places for hobby horse jumping…

Speculative designs | Public

The end.