Healthcare Architecture Master´s Thesis 2021

Saman Aliramaei

Health promotion

The process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health [in which] health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ (WHO, 1986).

The term “health” has been thought of a resource for life, rather than the object of living’ (WHO, 1986a). Then Health is an opportunity for people to be productive in individual, social and economical aspects of their lives (WHO, 1986a).

There are many definitions and understandings of health promotion (Green et al., 1999). They may have differences but convey the same concept. It varies based on the context that health promotion is discussed (Johansson, Weinehall, & Emmelin, 2009). One of the holistic definition of health promotion has been presented by Elke Miedema , she is an architect and has researched on Health promotive building designs concepts. She defines health promotion as:

‘A process devoted to empowering (vulnerable) individuals and communities to take control over the factors that positively influence their health and quality of life including their social, natural and built environment’ (Miedema, 2020).