Out of Context / Matter Space Structure

Shams Al-Azzawe

The door represents the promise of having it every way: openness, entry, freedom; but also security, safety privacy. To meet in private is ‘’to meet behind closed doors’’. To be welcoming is to have ‘’an open door policy’’. A part of the wall, and an unavoidable breach in it; as secure as you like, yet instantly penetrable with the right key… the door is always part of a self-cancelling dialectic…

(Rem Koolhaas 2014)

By extracting doors out of their context and studying solely their form, structure and details, the context of the doors can yet again be read and predicted due to their rich symbolic value. Doors represent openness and closeness, it’s the cut and transition between spaces. The movement, tactility and flexibility aspects of doors create an interaction between people and buildings. In this project, these aspects have been analyzed and translated into an experience in the form of an interactive art gallery.