Master´s Thesis 2020 Urban Challenges

Aleksandra Pucolowska

”Planner do not work on a neutral stage, an ideally liberal setting in which all affected interests have choice; they work within political institutions, on political issues, on problems whose most basic technical components (say, a population projection) may be celebrated by some, contested by others. Any account of planning must face these political realities.” (Foster, 1989)

  1. The author
  2. Introduction
  3. Research
  4. Design
  5. Reflections

Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland.

2014-2018 Bachelor studies in Architecture and Urban Planning at Warsaw University of Technology

2018-2020 Master studies in Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability at Chalmers University of Technology

Professional interests:

  • Housing architecture
  • Managing design projects
  • Sociology and social entrepreneurshio
  • Sustainable developement
  • Analytical and design thinking
  • Visual communication
  • Million Programe

Personal introduction in English
Personal introduction in Swedish