New Public Landscape/Matter Space Structure, Fall 2020

Anna Hammarlund & Linnéa Wahlgren


This parallel future is based on a site at Första långgatan 1. Here kommersen is an important and outstanding building in many ways. As the only remaining building from the industrial time at 19th century it works as a memory  ancor. The facade is also speaking about time. Layers of texture and communication turn the building into an ever changing object that gives a lot to the city and the people.

Today it functions as a flea market and comes with all its benefits, such as being a social meeting spot, where people with different backgrounds from all around the city get to meet.

Although Kommersen’s interior isn’t visible from the outside, its exterior expresses these values through the facade, where layers of communication & texture hint about the past.

To get a better understanding and create narratives we mapped the site through series of films and model making. 

The mapping of the site led to five keywords which have been crucial in the search for methods and tools.


Working with trace in order to create a space that has the excitement and curiosity in finding things

By order finding a recipe and description how the design can be systemized – but how much order do we need? At what time does the order become disorder?

This should be mixed with hints of chaos where small divergenseies  will create a sense of unease. This could give the space a feeling of being random, free and liberating.

An in-between space which has a movement through layers, a building in between other buildings and in between context; aiming to be a hidden and secret space full of curiosity where layers of time is highly expressed.