Master´s Thesis 2020 Urban Challenges

Annsofi Björkman

process model

Since co.creation is about a mindset and an attitude, initially, the complex process must be understood. Therefore, has a synthesized process model been developed, with the intention to be easy assimilated and accessible as implementation support of co.creation processes.

The process model was developed for educational purposes as a guide or inspiration while learning about co.creation processes. Furthermore, it was developed to work as support for implementation of co.creation as a working model for Gothenburg City, but as well in other municipalities. Therefore, a pamphlet have been created, summarizing the theory behind the level of citizen participation and influence, as well as giving the step-by-step explanations of the co.creation process. The pamphlet is designed into a A3 foldable sheet and can be printed (flip on short edge and folded as shown below) and easily distributed.

you can also read more about the process model in chapter four in the booklet

1. introduction
2. theoretical framework
3. case study: Gothenburg City

4. co.creation process model
5. reflections & discussion