Master´s Thesis 2021 Material Turn

Aran Mardoukhi & Aswini Balashanmugam

Nature functions as a closed loop circular system from growth to decay, created by the symbiotic relationship between the environment and the species. This contributes to vital ecosystem services within the natural systems creating a perfect balance, as a continuous cycle of growth and decay among the various lifeforms for their survival. But this balance is disrupted in recent years by us, the human beings under the name of civilization and development for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.
Polluted and contaminated with non-degradable materials produced by extraction, processing and discharge led to an ecological crisis at an unprecedented scale. This breaks the loop of growth-decay cycle, creating undesirable living conditions for not just humans but all life on earth. Materials and materiality form the base for such exploitation, and it is time to investigate on alternatives to counter act the damages already created by us.