Master´s Thesis 2021 Urban Challenges

Chaofan Zhang

Virtual context experimentation

After determining the category and form of intervention, I will conduct experiment on a virtual context. The purpose of this is to study the specific impact that the intervention can have on the wind environment under a simplified context by minimizing the impact that unrelated factors may have on the experiment result. First, I will use depthmapX to locate the areas with best visibility and easiest accessibility and then put the intervention in these areas. After that, I will use Iboflow to assess the pedestrian wind comfort and reshape the intervention based on the pedestrian wind comfort. The assessment criteria will be applied to translate the wind velocity which is the wind simulation result from Iboflow to pedestrian wind comfort. The result of this chapter is wind-based intervention and the re-organized pedestrian circulation regulated by the wind environment, which naturally separates the mainstream into several movements.