Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure

Clara Havström

Scenic Semi Public Space
– a Saunterologic Strategy

In the current state of heightened global awareness and human impact on the earth, architects and engineers need to reconsider the basic idea from which we develop cities. I see a value today for architects to discover, look, and learn rather than to create and expand. 
The drawing has the capacity to reshape our perception of the built environment and to work as an operational tool to find hidden potentials in the urban fabric. A methodological tool to investigate invisible values that indicate an architecture that extends across program and scale.

This master thesis seeks to find an approach – a new starting point in architectural design for dealing with public space. The study suggests doing so by introducing the performative and investigate it trough mappings and operational drawings. The idea is not only to find a way of inscribing architectural interventions in a local context but also to see architecture as an event in a larger environmental network. 

To examine the qualities of the drawing as a notational diagram, the study starts by taking a sample of the city weave and use it as a testbed. By illustrating the sample from different angles and leaven its internal events it becomes a sort of reflective and operational room to dissolve and rethink our sense of place. 
The method is used to find new intersections and relations, which are then articulated and tested through one or several materializations in a local setting – architectural additions along the edges of the city square Stigbergstorget in Majorna, Gothenburg.

The design considers the potential for Stigbergstorget to stay and be revitalized as a cultural and social center for the local community in Gothenburg.
The final project is a conversation piece used to discuss architecture from its performative values – from what it does rather than from how it looks. Also to discuss the drawing as a means to reuse the already existing and enhance it through minimal impact.

Definition of saunter
intransitive verb
: to walk about in an idle or leisurely manner : stroll
sauntered slowly down the street



I have always felt the world is an erotic place, as I walk through it my senses are reaching out and I am drawn to all sorts of things. For me cities are enormous bodies of people’s desires and as I search for my own desires within them I slice into time, seeing the moment Daido Moriyama

^Methodological mapping

It is not a question of accumulating data, but of multiplying them; of enabling what you had not thought of to appear – Enric Miralles

^Methodological drawings

^View of strategic interventions, Stigbergsliden Gothenburg

^View of architectural additions in the edges of Stigbergstorget

^View of articulated square

Scenic Semi Public Space – a Saunterologic Strategy

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