Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure

Fatima Khavari


– A public space acknowledging rain as the author of architecture.

The way we perceive rain affects our conception of the city. In Gothenburg where it rains frequently, rain is often perceived as dark, gloomy and cold, unlike bright, sunny weather. People tend to avoid rain and seek shelter from it or stay inside. Walls and roofs are built up in response to the weather and our connection to the outside world is lost. During the rainy days the use of public space is reduced.

This thesis explores how to increase the use of public space by using rain as an element of design. This proposal allows to embrace the rain and the discomfort of it to create a better connection to nature in an urban context. It aims to highlight different aspects of rain and encourages the sensation of the weather to contradict the negative perception of it. This is best presented trough a public pavilion where people can take shelter and experience the rainfall at the same time. By constructing a pavilion that is responsive to the weather the resulting architecture can embody the site fully and create a closer relationship to the nature in an urban context.

To read more about the project download the booklet and abstract below.