Nordic Architecture

Höghult Fritidshus

Detail model

Detail model: Höghult Fritidshus, Nordic Architecture, ACE360, Chalmers Architecture, Masters MPARC, spring 2024. Note the joinery of the logs in the corner. In original a “laxknut”, here, simplified into a dove tail
Scale: 1:5
Materials: Wood (pine), extruded foam, spackel, gravel

Our detail model aims to explore the precision and traditional techniques with which the house is constructed. The architects have brought the Nordic vernacular into the modern day and established it as a symbol of status. Such an engagement with traditional culture, in the context of a wealthy client commissioning a countryside leisure home, has created a reversal of the historical use of the fritidshus as a ‘poor man’s home’. Our model-making process, a process of solving the details as we worked, aligned with the processes used on site and gave us a greater understanding and appreciation of the intricate woodwork techniques.

Detail model: Höghult Fritidshus. Upper section cut of the short end and gable. With detachble window frame/module, simulating the special take on the teadtiional detail of the “gåt” used in timber construction.
Scale: 1:5
Detail model: Höghult Fritidshus