Nordic Architecture

Höghult Fritidshus

Conceptual model

Concept model: Höghult Fritidshus, Nordic Architecture, ACE360, Chalmers Architecture, Masters MPARC, spring 2024.
Scale: 1:200
Materials: Cnc-milled extruded foam, wood (pine), acrylic glass, wire, polyester cotton, white spray paint

Initially, the group discussed what characterized the building. The first thing agreed upon was the feeling of a closed, heavy and private building with an open, airy counterpart. To represent this, a solid block was chosen for the main structure and a light, transparent element for the second part. After a site visit, it was discovered that the building’s placement in the landscape was an important part of the experience. Therefore,  it was decided to let the building be a small part of the model and try to capture its relationship with the landscape and the slope down towards the waters.