Out of Context / Matter Space Structure

Jakob Gruvander


A story about casting

Where the analyse is left to the eye of the beholder

The last one and a half years has been very digital, and thats been a challenge for me. I’m used to working more practical with different materials and mediums. So in a sense this project will be trying to find the right angle for me to approach practical work in a digital era.

This is my attempt to narrate my process.

My teacher Peter Christensson once told me that architecture is a spectra.
In one end you have a building and in the other, there’s a conversation. 
Where I am, I’m not sure.

The Architects hand

When has something gone through the hand of an Architect? And how does it leave a mark? How small can that mark be for it to be architecture?

In this case its about creating a framework, a volume or a inclosure that lets
you continue to make iterations of a theme or lets call it a series with the
use of casting.

Plaster / Total control 

A quick landscape cast that where cut as a positive and a negative

When the material is the form – Just rearranged

Can the cast be a part of the site?