Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure


What I Talk about
When I Talk about

Translation methodology between language and space

Have you ever had such a discovery:
Our oral cavity structure is basically the same, but the pronunciation of different languages are ever-changing?

In this project, I try to find a translation methodology from language to architecture and create a new design system. I want to show the differences between languages by space and the space change when we pronounce. In the end, a design proposal will show the design system considering on different contexts.

  • What is the structure of language and architecture system?
  • What is the correspondence between linguistic and architectural space?
  • How can language translate into an architectural desing system?
  • What kind of space could I create according to the guidance of translation?
  • How can I use the new design system in different contexture of ‘site’ ?
  • What is the link between the system and ‘site’ ?