Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Maria Oxelman


1. Eating Vernacular

The recipes used in this experiments are from Nordic Cookbook (Nilsson, 2017). Reflections on tastes and textures in combination of colors were made.

2. Drying Vegetables
3. Casting Fossils
4. Model Translation
Layers – depth – levels.

Transparency/opacity – reflection – hidden light cracks.

Conservation – drapery – flow.

Soft meets rough.
5. Memory of a Dish
6. Translating Between the Languages
7. Food Waste Composites

All composites are compressed in this cast. All samples, except the straw sample, are done with potato starch and water, boiled to a sticky mass and then compressed at 100-110 ° C for 30-45 minutes. The straw sample is instead made  with fish glue, compressed at room temperature for 6 hours. All of the composites are then dried until stiff. The presented materials are made after many tries, where the previous tests failed and molded or fell apart after casting. The samples are less distorted when drying when the sample is a bit thicker, around 1 cm.

8. Recomposing Colors & Form