Master´s Thesis 2020 Urban Challenges

Maria-Therese Lidenholm


In order to answer the thesis question and investigate how the current architecture debate can take one step further from just being about liking and taste, I have conducted a series of interviews. The interviews have been made with chosen representatives from three groups; architects (namely architecture practitioners), non-architects and architecture researchers. The groups of people – architects and non-architects are chosen based on the already ongoing debate. A third group – architecture researchers – was added in order to complement and nuance the perspective.

«The current debate destroys a lot and is very non-constructive. It steals a lot of energy from what you should really talk about, i.e. the conditions for creating good architecture»

Interviewee, February 2020

The interviews have been conducted so that they touch upon different sub-topics which are linked to theory. The circle diagram shows the sub-topics the interviews have touched upon.

The interviews are combined with literature studies within the fields of perception of space, aesthetics, beauty and vernacularity and approaches questions like; how do we perceive space?, how do you define beauty?, and what can one learn from vernacular architecture and history in terms of how it has been a space for giving a voice to those who do not have one within building construction?