Master´s Thesis 2021 Matter Space Structure

Regina Carlén

Using Architecture to Promote Physical Activity

Designing activity space to encourage Sweden’s most sedentary, with a special focus on
high school girls


Project Proposal

To add warm and inviting activity space, on the border between nature and dwellings, close to where the girls easily can pass by after school. With input from research and the identified strategies, a concept project where developed: An ideal situation where girls can be invited step-by-step into regular activity. The narrative is placed in Lerum, just outside Gothenburg. The project is a collection of wooden objects and pavilions, adding comfort into an existing outdoor Trail Centre. Well-designed recreation, close to where people live. Are you curious to read more about the project, you find the full story in the Thesis Booklet.

Transformation of Trail Centres in Sweden

Adding comfort to already existing outdoor activity spaces. Today most Trail Centres consist of a map showing trail distances and a running trail with electric lights. What if you also could leave your personal belongings in lockers, sit down and wait for your friend under the smooth lightning on a massive wooden bench or borrow one of the free orienteering maps from the boxes in the info sign? On the whole, it is about adding comfort for the users and create a recreation facility in nature.

The Extension Site | Adding a Transprogram

Dancing in the outdoor or indoor pavilion, training strength or nature gymnastic in small groups, joining a climbing sessions for beginners, walking to the scenic fika spot, biking on trails, running, yoga, orienteering, dining, cooking, being social, doing nothing, walking… To add various types of activities, with various levels of difficulties, and new types of activity spaces into the Trail Centre. Scan your E-legitimation and borrow free equipment’s from the local sport clubs and nearby school. Host your own yoga session at the outdoor training pavilion. Only imagination can stop you.

Site Overview

Program Proposal

The Group Pavillion | Indoor Dance and Training Space

The Outdoor Pavillion | Dance and Training Space with Equipment Storage

Adding free space for activities with weather protection and access to free equipment.