Healthcare Architecture Master´s Thesis 2021

Sandra Kärnstrand

– Care for change –

A design proposal exploring convertibility between  wards and outpatient departments

Keywords flexibility, generality, outpatient department, ward, healthcare architecture

Purpose and aim

The purpose of this thesis is to explore how a hospital building can be planned for convertibility between wards and outpatient departments through the implementation of generality and flexibility. The aim of the outcome is a design proposal to enable change with minimal interventions in the building design and simultaneously providing an environment for wellbeing and recovery.

How can a hospital extension be designed for convertibility between wards and outpatient departments?


Page 1 Introduction

Page 2 Context

Page 3 Proposal

Contact details

Ward for in-patient care in, in Swedish vårdavdelning

Outpatient department the care in outpatient departments is conducted during the day, in Swedish mottagning.

Convertibility to convert the environment to new uses.