Healthcare Architecture Master´s Thesis 2021

Sandra Kärnstrand


Design strategies

Central core Placing shared functions and support functions within a central core create shorter and equal distances for staff as the site measures up to 70 meters in length. It also supports wayfinding as it acts as an orientation mark. Placing the entrance and waiting areas centrally also makes the building dividable. 

View of the greenhouse and roof terrace.

Ground floor plan [General outpatient department]

First floor plan [General ward]

Type room A

To convert between the ward and outpatient department, general room sizes suitable for both patient rooms and examination rooms were studied. The result form type room A, which require reconstructions in converting RWCs into expeditions. In this case, the shafts are prepared to also convert an expedition into a RWC. Several rooms are provided with balconies to increase the access to nature for the patients and could be used as separate entrances  in case of infection outbreaks. Type rooms B are common between the ward and outpatient department or require changes in the stuff layer, furniture. Other rooms are specific to the care typology and could be converted into storages or other less demanding uses with changes in the stuff layer. 

View from the patient room.
View of the dining area on the first floor. The terrace, wooden walls and ceiling create a connection with nature. The space could be converted into a waiting area as it has the same hygiene class. 
View of the waiting area on the ground floor. Visitors have a visual connection with the outdoors. Organic materials in walls and the ceiling provides a material connection with nature. A green wall continues up to the dining area on the floor above and acts as an orientation mark. The space could be converted into a dining area if the floor is converted into a ward.
A selection of implemented strategies
Façade details. The tactile brick pattern at the balcony niches creates shadow lines. The railing attachment consists of a black plate forming a texture. 

”because the only certainty in health care is change” 

Gressel & Hilands, 2008, fifth paragraph 

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