Building Design for Sustainability Master´s Thesis 2020

Elin Nilsson & Miriam Andersson


The Rehouse Project

Filling the gap between reuse as concept and as reality

With departure in current global problems, the thesis aspires to consider reusing materials as one of the solutions to decrease environmental impact of today’s wasteful construction industry.

To develop practical experience of reuse beyond conceptual thoughts, a real process has been implemented through designing and building a small house, together with the self-build initiative Egnahemsfabriken at Tjörn, for a client in Varberg.

Through documentation, crossroads are described, where priorities were made between reusing materials or buying new in relation to the time limits of a thesis semester and the budget, needs and wishes of a real client. The findings of how working with reuse affects the architects design process are reflected upon in relation to the small scale of the self build project as well as on a larger commercial scale.

Priority was on reusing as much as possible of materials containing high embodied energy and at the same time achieve long-term quality and low environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and designing for future reuse.

Research Questions

In what way can architects contribute to an increase of reuse projects in Sweden? 

What effects do working with reused materials have on the architectural design process?



The architect´s design process