Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Disappearing Site

An exploration on the subject of architecture and fairy tales through a reinterpretation of Michael Endes “The Neverending Story”

Ulrike Donnerhack

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The project aims to use visual representations inspired by the well known fairy tale The Neverending story, written by Michael Ende, as communication tools to connect notions of past and present, the built and the demolished as well as the real and the imagined on a demolition site in Gothenburg located at Vallgatan/Kungsgatan.

The purpose is to encourage the viewer to engage in the changes that occur to the urban fabric in the cities we live in − what buildings are being torn down and what memories and history connected to them are we losing in the process of demolition? Could we imagine alternate futures instead of seemingly endless new developments?

The created images also aim to open up philosophical questions regarding the passage of time and its cyclic nature.

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