Building and Tectonics Master´s Thesis 2020

Yize Zhao

The exhibition space and café shop

The red bricks pavement can form a strong visual impact with the concrete wall. People can go inside to rest or have a coffee here.

The underground studio

Passersby walking on the back street can see what is happening in the basement ot the konsthall. The artistis are working lively there.

The Open exhibition on the second floor

The open vertical transportation effectively connects space at both sides. Everyone who uses the stair can see open exhibitions without going inside the exhibition hall.

The Flexible art space

Flexible means this space can meet different requirements of art exhibitions and art activities. In this space, bricks can be seen and felt.

▶the restaurant and the open exhibition

In the restaurant, people can see the opposite exhibition. The eye contact allows everyday life to be intersected with art.

The Communal space on the roof floor

The two different materials, the brick and concrete cause a strong visual impact. Red bricks represent active everyday life, and the concrete represents calm art.