Master´s Thesis 2020 Urban Challenges

Yunfan Zhang

Healing in The Third Place

Exploring A Life-Enhancing Method from Spatial and Social Aspects for People Stressed in Daily Life

The main question is about “how to reduce social stress of humans from spatial and social aspects by the life-enhancing third place under Göteborg’s transformation context.”

Nowadays, people always suffer from social stress, which leads to anxiety, frustration, and nervousness because of the imbalance between demanding work and the ability to manage them.

The social and spatial environment are the two main external factors affect people’ mood, and well-being, human-oriented space should be a complexity of spatial orders, inter-personal programs and psychological requirements which can address all the senses simultaneously and help to strengthen the experience of our sense of being-in-reality and being self.

The aiming of this master thesis are reducing principal stress-related moods. In order to achieve my pursuit, the project zooms in the gap between people’s work and home as a showcase, called the third place in which people have a chance to feel free out of demanding duties and focus on their inside sounds.