Master´s Thesis 2020 Urban Challenges

Yunfan Zhang

The Third Places for Human Mood

methods for social stress

The social stress usually shows as frustrated anxiousness, upset, and nervousness. On the contrary of those negative moods, Calm, Relaxing, pleasure, and excitement could counteract them.

Six- dimensiones of human emotions

  1. frustrated——calm
  2. anxiousness—-relaxing
  3. upset————pleasure
  4. nervousness—-excitement

A third place (Oldenburg,1989). is an open hybrid and welcoming supportive incubator across time or space that has immense healing power by cultivating essential social experiences for various like-minded people and strengthen connections to outside environments. People are connected by third place and feel immersed into the society and more empathy for others. It is the perfect gathering filter belongs to users themselves between the work and home.

Methods: helping people perceive calm, relaxing, pleasure, and excited feelings from spatial and social aspects via third places which could decrease those negative moods.