Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure

Zhu Yao

Firstly, I will introduce first typical street, Chalmersgatan, which is a small street located between two residential blocks. The car lane in the middle is a one-way road, but two pedestrian ways are still lack of activities and feel isolated because there are parking areas on both sides.

In stage 3, streets can be used as courtyards and outdoor cafes instead of being occupied by parking areas because of Self-driving. Besides, the improvement of traffic efficiency has changed the urban traffic network, making it possible to restrict some vehicles in such small residential streets.

Then I would start to discuss and evalutate some scenarios of stage 4, including Multidirectional Vehicle, Driverless aircraft, and Flying City.

Because I don’t have the enough time to study every scenario, I choose driverless aircraft, which I think is more practical, for deeper discussion. The balconies may become new entrances of building. The facade of the building may use special glass, which can be seen through in single direction, to protect the privacy. In addition, driverless aircrafts may make good use of the roof space.