Master´s Thesis 2020 Matter Space Structure

Zhu Yao

Kunsportsavenyen is the second typical street, which is a commercial street. There are four motorways in the middle and some temporary parking areas along the street. A row of trees is planted on the both side of the street, but it seems a little sparse.

The boulevard now became the center of the street, where there were cyclists, skateboarders and runners. A possible business model is shown on the right side of the section. Because driverless vehicles run smoothly and make people be able to do some complex activities inside. Therefore, movable restaurants, bookstores, and cafes are possible.

Then I would start to discuss and evalutate some scenarios of stage 4, including Multidirectional Vehicle, Driverless aircraft, and Flying City.

I choose driverless aircraft for deeper discussion. The flying boxes may appear in this scenario. The appearance of these boxes is due to the development of prefabricated buildings and driverless aircrafts. Each box has its own functions, such as dining rooms and shops. Different boxes can also be combined with each other to meet the needs of different functions. Some sky restaurants would appear to attract customers. As shown on the left, the facade of the building may be modified to allow some small aircrafts to enter the rooms. In addition, solar street lamps may also appear, which can be used as a charging post and a temporary parking area for aircrafts.