Building and Tectonics Master´s Thesis 2021

Amanda Eliasson


Three architectural investigations in the Archipelago of Gothenburg –

The purpose of this master thesis is to explore how architects can answer to the given conditions of a site. Focus is put upon how one can work with the natural prerequisites of a location, and in turn, how an architectural design may answer to the attributes of a landscape. Within the topic, a question is also raised regarding what tools could be used to improve the connection towards immediate surroundings and topography in the design process.

The investigation takes place at a scenic location in the southern archipelago of Gothenburg. Three situations along the hiking trail of Galterö are explored through addition of structures. To work with the topography of each situation consciously, the technique of drones and photogrammetry is implemented as a method to achieve highly detailed 3D models. Within the direction of building tectonics, the task has been to produce a design that ties the three structures together through a structural concept that suits its purpose, while still offering enough freedom to tailor each piece to the specific situation.

Research Question
How can architecture enhance,
and adapt to, the presence of scenery?

How can detailed landscape models,
achieved by drones and photogrammetry,
be implemented in the design process?

Amanda Eliasson