Design for Architectural Heritage Master´s Thesis 2020

Anisia Gorchkov


Above: The interior of Artilleristallarna and the addition.

The transformed Artilleristallarna is a space where local smaller businesses within crafts and artisans can rent a venue to exhibit, sell and teach about their applied art. Visitors can browse, be inspired, educated about materials and support their locals.  The programme consists partly of public functions, such as a square, seating, cafe/bar, auditorium and an outlook spot. It also includes different sized rentable venues where local crafts makers can rent a space to produce, sell or exhibit their art. 

Above: The programme of Artilleristallarna.

The venues have a direct connection to the public streets and are designed to be welcoming to the public. There are also three studios for ceramics, silversmithery and upholstery. Visitors may also access these spaces, for a pedagogical aim or for supporting their local small scale businesses.

Above: One of the venues of Artilleristallarna.

The transformation of Artilleristallarna enables a movement of people throughout the entire block. This makes it possible to physically understand and experience the intricate connections between the buildings, which has developed during many years of evolution. 

The addition and its functions is designed to operate as one system, as well as separately. This results in an increased capacity for the venue to adapt and be active throughout the day. The rooftop of the addition can be used for different functions, and is accessible from east and west side, creating an opportunity to use it separately, or as a part of a bigger event. 

This enables the transformed Artilleristallarna, as a building to remain relevant throughout a longer period of time, and have a capacity adapt to the changing needs of the city.