Building and Tectonics Master´s Thesis 2021

Embla Nilsson


To really get away from the stress you can stay at the bath for a few nights, even weeks. The two types of living that are simple but has all the essentials you need. Bod A in the south are connected with each other making it suitable for groups. You enter from the back deck and have a hallway where you can hang a jacket on the hooks and put your shoes. A larger living area with a kitchen, dining table, sofa and of course a fire place for the feeling of warmth during the evenings. Two separate beds are on the loft that can also easily be moved into a couples bed. 

Bod B in the north are split from each other but has the same shape and size as the others. These are more suitable for couples as they are placed further away from the activities. They too have a private deck, kitchen and a cosy fireplace. The couples might use the restaurant more often and therefor the kitchen is smaller and there is only a smaller lounge group.