Building and Tectonics Master´s Thesis 2021

Embla Nilsson


Every time you surround yourself with nature, instant relaxation occur. When you approach a coast line, a warm and calm feeling extends throughout your whole body. You feel the salty winds in your hair and listening to the waves explode on the rocks. 

The health benefits of being around the ocean are many. Minerals, algae, light, sound and smell, acts as stress relief to our mind and body.

The benefits from being around the sea, have been used for centuries. In Sweden it used to be essential and people pilgrimed to the west coast during summer time. Today we “import” treatments from Asia into our indoor spa facilities. Instead of use what we have in our nearest bay.  

This thesis is about a place where architecture meets the ocean. A place to inhale the costal benefits and mending a damaged place. Making it a useful and a beautiful place to stay, relax and swim.