Exploration MSS3 Fall 2021

Emil Blücker

The Sea Monument(s)

Starting off with the sea monument, this structure is going to record
and trace sea levels rises in the structure itself. In the present day,
and as long humanity is at this planet, the structure will then be
like an observatory, in the future, it becomes and archive, and a
monument. The place is going to be right between the coastline and
the ocean. It will then be speculated how this monument will interact
with the sea levels rising in different speculative scenarios. The materials of the structure is meant to be designed in such a way that it erodes in a way to preserve memories of the anthropocene to the future.

3 Locations

Approaching this monument at Kullaberg, I will through
photogrammetry build physical models, map and materialize up to
three different locations along the coastline of Kullaberg. These three
models will be presented both digitally and physically. With this
material, I will be possible to do simulations of possible water level
rises in digital material. This will serve as the basis for the design
proposal in the MT.